Munshi Ambulance Services In Dhaka


Ambulance Service in Dhaka

The Munshi ambulance service company is largest and trusted in Bangladesh. We provide different types ambulance service in Dhaka and all districts of Bangladesh. 24 hours any types ambulance is available in Dhaka. 

All lives matter! It is crucial to get the ambulance service when we need it. We provide you with 24/7 emergency ambulance service all over Bangladesh especially in all corners of Dhaka. As Dhaka is the busiest city, it is close to impossible to reach any destination due to terrible traffic. However, we have expert teams to beat the traffic and manage to reach the patients’ destinations on time. You can always rely on us for the quickest response. You can reach us from anywhere in Bangladesh. Besides, we also provide ambulance service from one district to another.  

You will be satisfied with all our arrangements. Our ambulances are full-furnished with all the necessary equipment such as stretchers, wheel chairs, oxygen cylinders etc. Our ambulances are spic and span, i.e. clean bed for the patients and comfortable seats for their companions. We ensure our valuable customers’ all sort of prehospital medical care. Munshi ambulance service always provide latest model ambulance for patients and dead bodies. 

We provide this ambulance service as per your need and patient’s condition. We have different types of ambulances service. They are mainly–

ICU Ambulance Service 

Freezer Van Ambulance  

AC Ambulance Service

Non-AC Ambulance Service 

The basic service we provide is Non-AC ambulance which is low-priced and affordable for all. The rent of other two-types of ambulances are cost effective too compared to the comfort and overall satisfaction you will get. Make sure, you choose the best ambulance service for your near and dear ones in the quickest possible time with reasonable price. It can save your time, money and most importantly a precious life.

Ac ambulance service

This is one of the best ambulance services in Dhaka as well as in the whole Bangladesh. An AC ambulance is mainly used to transfer a patient to the hospital or a recently recovered person to his/her resident. AC ambulances have air conditioning systems. As the temperature is very high in Bangladesh and we have to wait hours after hours in traffic, it can make a normal person fall sick. So it is crucial to maintain a suitable temperature for any patient and the companions.

In our AC ambulance service, we provide neat and clean bed sheets, stretchers, oxygen cylinder and a first-aid box. There is ample room for the patient and his/her companions. When you feel an ambulance just then call us for an ambulance service. 

Non – Ac ambulance service

The non-ac ambulance service is called General ambulance service, Munshi ambulance service company provide 24 hours Non-Ac ambulance service in Dhaka and all over of Bangladesh. This is one of the best ambulance services in Dhaka as well as in the whole Bangladesh. An AC ambulance is mainly used to transfer a patient to the hospital or a recently recovered person to his/her resident. When your people or relatives looking an ambulance service just then give him our helpline to call us to get emergency ambulance service in a few minutes. 

Freezing Ambulance service 

The frozen ambulance is used to carry a corpse over long distances. If a corpse is being transported to a locality far from your hospital, it is better to use a cold ambulance than an AC ambulance. Sometimes the son, daughter, and people close to the dead person cannot reach to see him quickly for the last time. For this reason, sometimes if it takes longer to give him a sharp ground, a frozen ambulance is helpful to keep the dead body fresh.

Freezer ambulance fare is a bit higher than a normal ambulance. Usually, we charge Rs 8,000-10,000 for the body 100 km away from the pick-up point and Rs 600 per hour to wait for the fridge ambulance. Long-distance fares will be even higher. For example, the fare from Chittagong city to Dhaka airport will be 20,000 rupees. 

Life support ICU Ambulance service 

Munshi ambulance service company provide life support ICU ambulance service. ICU ambulance is an emergency service that carries seriously injured patients to the hospital. We can see an ambulance in the street with an emergency warning light and siren (L&S). they are always ready to observe their duty to take care of a serious patient and to take him/her to any nearby hospital.

You can find ICU ambulance service anywhere in the country you are living in but specifically, in Bangladesh, you have to find a good ICU ambulance that can keep its job perfectly. This is why we are here; we have gathered a bunch of information that includes the availability of different ICU ambulance services in the different locality in our country.


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